"From the Heart of Minnesota" – Minneapolis Research

Quick post tonight! This week is all about researching Prince’s hometown, Minneapolis. I’m particulary interested in the number and type of churches in the city, church attendance, and number of families that identified themselves as “religious” over the years. When writing a biography, it’s important to examine your subject’s environment.

I’m also trying to look into Prince’s involvement in the Seventh-Day Adventist church as a child. According to several books and articles, he was raised an Adventist, but no one has identified which SDA church he attended. I feel that I’m getting closer to finding out.

That’s all for me.  I just watched a clip of Prince on “The View” today, where he talked about the “Welcome 2 Chicago” concerts and the Rebuild the Dream organization. He also released a new song, “RnR Affair.”

What do you think of Prince’s appearance on “The View” and the new song?

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