"I Like it When You Dance for Me" – Prince and the Joffrey Ballet

My blog posts during the next few weeks will probably be short and sweet as I finish the first section of the book.

Whenever my friends, families and associates hear anything about Prince, they always come to me. 🙂 Several days ago, my co-worker told me that she’d heard that Prince had been involved in a ballet. I was familiar with Prince’s professional relationship with ballet dancer Misty Copeland, but I didn’t know he’d allowed the Joffrey Ballet to use his music in their “Billboards” production in the early ’90s. As I write this book, I’m learning new things everyday (I don’t remember reading about this in the previous Prince bios–maybe I forgot about it). Find out more here.


Would you watch “Billboards?” 


2 thoughts on “"I Like it When You Dance for Me" – Prince and the Joffrey Ballet

  1. Saw this in Toronto in the 90s – it was one of the major factors that made a Prince fanatic. I still remember it clearly, particularly the opening act set to Thunder. It was very powerful and different, particularly since I'm not a ballet fan normally. I think watching it on video would probably not have the same effect, unfortunately.

  2. Hey, FunkyMan! Thanks for your comment. How cool! I would have loved to see this live. I would like to buy the video once the price drops a little. I'll let you know what I think.

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