"Wake Up! Wake Up!" – Things I’ve Missed

Because I’ve been so busy writing and dealing with my own predicaments, I just haven’t had time to check out some current events happening in the Prince world. Here are three things that I’ve missed:


3RDEYE TV  is a channel on Livestream through which Prince provides music, video footage and photos. The catch is that you have to be at your computer at a specific time to experience these treats before they are taken down. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to see or hear any of it. I did enjoy reading Dr. Funkenberry’s summary of what happened. If I had time to tune in to the Spreecast for Prince fans every week, I wouldn’t have missed it.

Also, I just noticed that 3rdeyegirl.com has transformed into a pretty great website…


I didn’t really miss out on this because I can still order the issue, but I found out about it after it happened.


I did not realize that “Hollywood Exes,” the VH1 reality show featuring Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia, had returned for a second season. I’ll have to catch up someday….

Did anyone hear the music or see the videos and pictures on 3RDEYE TV?


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