"Take a Picture, Sweetie!" – Odds and Ends from the Past Week

It has been ages since I’ve blogged (well, just about a month). I have a good excuse; I started a new job! I have been focusing on that, but I’m back! Here are some pictures that capture what I’ve been up to:

I am almost finished with chapter three.

The album of the moment is no longer Dirty Mind; it’s Controversy (1981). I am currently analyzing the spiritual themes included on the album. I just bought a new copy from Amazon.com.

After scoring interviews with Chris MoonJill Jones and Roy Bennett, I’ve had some declines. Prince’s ex-protégé Denise Matthews (a.k.a. “Vanity”) declined, but she sent me a really nice message. It actually made my day. I also had a prospect who agreed to do the interview if he (or she) could have a copy of my entire pre-published book. I had to pass on that.

Prince fans: what is your favorite track on Controversy?

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