"I Got Two Sides, and They’re Both Friends" – Another "Master of the Sacred and Profane"

I am back from a long hiatus. I wrote, went to Cancún, Mexico, for vacation, and wrote some more. I really want to be able to blog consistently, but if I have to choose between blogging and actually writing the book, I will always go with the latter.

With that said, I finished the section on other popular artists’ spiritual journeys. That was a tough section because I had to rewrite it after I submitted it to my professor (I got a little carried away with the length). I also had to modify the list of artists. After reading about Stevie Wonder, I determined that his spiritual journey is not really comparable to Prince’s spiritual journey. However, I did discover some similarities between Prince and another artist–D’Angelo.

“In his life and in his music, he has always felt the tension between the sacred and the profane, the darkness and the light.” — GQ

I added D’Angelo to the list of other artists covered in the book. I enjoyed learning more about him, and I hope that he releases new music soon!

I am currently finishing chapter five, which covers the Purple Rain era!

What is your favorite D’Angelo song? 


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