Mr. "Tambourine" Man – Bob Dylan’s Spiritual Journey

I’ve talked a lot about my research on the spiritual journeys of other popular artists. Several months ago, I singled out D’angelo. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Bob Dylan.

Like Prince, Dylan had a “born again” period. He released two Christian albums, embarked on a Gospel tour and refused to sing his previous material.

I read Dylan’s autobiography, Chronicles: Volume One, but it didn’t contain any commentary on the singer’s religious journey. So, I have some of the same questions people ask about Prince:

Was his “spiritual awakening” real?

Why did he eventually go back to performing his previous work?

Did he truly have an internal struggle between the sacred and the secular, and how long did it last? Does he still grapple with this today?

I think I’ll reach out to Bob Dylan fans on Twitter and see what they say. In the meantime…

Do you think Dylan’s Christian songs were genuine?


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