"We Can Fix This Situation" – Organizing My Notes

I’m proud of myself; prior to writing this blog tonight, I spent three hours working on the book!

In addition to writing, I also need to organize my notes. Back in July, I mentioned that I have a document of notes that I take while I’m conducting my research. That document is 45 pages long (yikes)!

I also have notes in my Gmail account. I’ve been getting Prince-related Google Alerts for years now, and I have not done a good job of pulling info from them and deleting them as I go along. Also, when I get a random idea for the book, I often e-mail it to myself. There are probably dozens of those e-mails just sitting there.

Finally, I take notes on my iPhone. I haven’t done anything with those.


My goal is to take all of these notes and organize them in an Excel file. Each tab will represent a different category. For example, one tab might say “Potential Sources” and another might say “Prince Quotes.” Obviously, this is going to take a long time. I plan to spend a little bit of time on this project each week so I don’t get distracted from writing.

Going forward, I need to stick to one note-taking method. I still like writing things down, so I’m going to purchase a small notepad (purple, of course), and keep it with me at all times. Then, I’ll either use those notes right away or transfer them to the Excel file as soon as possible.

Say a prayer for me.

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