"Soft and Wet" – Interview with Chris Moon

I’m back and still extremely tired. As promised, I have some information from my interview with Chris Moon, a lyricist and studio owner who knew Prince as a teenager. Moon taught Prince how to use studio equipment, and he was the first person to put together a marketing package for the artist. Additionally, Moon famously wrote the lyrics for Prince’s first single, “Soft and Wet.”

Moon provided a lot of information, including both facts and his personal opinions:

  • Did Prince choose music as his first career goal?
  • What stage name did Prince almost choose?
  • Is Prince really a “musical genius?” 
  • Was Prince “spiritual” or “religious” as a teenager?
  • Were the “conversations with God” on the “Purple Rain” tour sincere?
  • Is Moon surprised that Prince is a Jehovah’s Witness today?
  • Am I a biased biographer?
Yeah, we had an interesting chat about my intentions. I’m always open to advice, and he gave me some things to think about as I write.

My next blog entry will be about my interview with Jill Jones. Also, GREAT NEWS: I just interviewed Roy Bennett, the lighting and set designer who worked with Prince for 14 years.

Check out my other interviews here.

Stay tuned!

Prince fans: do you already know the answers to some of the questions above?

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